Reasons Why I Will Never Set Foot Near A Dirt Bike Race Again

Dear Stephan,

I saved Nathan’s bike when he fell into the water at the finish line. Imagine if I had left it in the water. NOW, it’s your fault Stephan what happened next as you never once told me what to do once I pick up a running dirt bike. How was I to know that the gas was on the handle bar, how was I to know that the reason it took off like a wild horse was because I had to let go of said handlebar??!! You never once told me how to shut the damn thing off.

Now I have to go through life knowing I am the laughing stalk of the whole racing circuit, that a little itty bitty girl is afraid of me because I almost killed her. I have to go through life knowing some teenage girls in white tank tops and white shorts will forever hate me because I COVERED them in mud. I have to endure the life long memories of screaming at the top of my lungs “I don’t know how to shut it off” The memory of the faces of the crowd I cat walked the bike into, mud spraying in their faces. Until finally the bike flew from my hands and I was left with people laughing at me, people staring with gaping mouths and children crying while their mother’s picked mud off their faces and out of their mouths.

It’s all your fault Stephan that my six year old son looked at me when it was all over and said “mom, you embarrassed me” I blame you and you alone for leaving me at the finish line assuming that if something went wrong I would know what to do, I NEVER know what to do! Lesson learned for Stephan!

Now I will apologize to the little girl who was almost run down by the out of control dirt bike, to the teenage girls who had to spend the rest of their day (and it’s a long one in teen years) covered in mud, to the pregnant mommy who had to yank her screaming child out of my way and snap her brother back to his senses so he could stop the bike. I apologize to Nathan for embarrassing him, to Bailey who saw it all from the top of the track and therefore had to wait hours to be able to show her face again. To Sarah who heard all the screaming and her mother apologizing to a crowd (CROWD) of people. To the spectators who paid to watch a dirt bike race and instead witnessed a circus. To all those I scared and all those that peed their pants watching me, I apologize!


7 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Will Never Set Foot Near A Dirt Bike Race Again

  1. good apology :). a little long though for apology but a great vent. Shouldn’t mommies cheer their boys at the racing course only? not being their coaches and mentor’s, nor a mechanics? oh well, I hope Stephan learned his lesson. If not too bad for him.

  2. Oh dear…what a day! I probably would have sent someone to the hospital if I’d been in charge of the dirt bike. At least this event made for an awesome blog post later?

    • haha Dangerous for sure!! geez, looked harmless enough laying there in that mud puddle. At least now I know which little button just shuts it off. It’s embarrassing to think I was making it worse by twisting the throttle the whole time. haha

    • I now know how to shut it off and even fill it with gas. For a few years after my son hasn’t even let me check his helmet. He lost complete faith in me. But now, finally I am the helmet checker too. haha

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