Teaching The Importance Of Social Media And Applying It To Ourselves As Well

So I’ve been teaching my better half how to set up an etsy shop, how to tweet, put together a facebook fanpage and blog. The funny thing is it turns out I know alot about all this stuff, lot’s of research over the years, lot’s of trial and error (okay less trial, more error) but I myself don’t apply even half of what I told him are his must haves. I don’t really have alot of time to spare to cover all my bases, tweeting, blogging, promoting my fanpage, keeping up an etsy shop, keeping my other selling venues current. Not to mention painting the commissions, packaging and shipping sold work, etc, etc. It’s alot of work!! So here I am lecturing him on the importance of being consistent just to pull up my own blog and see the last post was in November! Shameful!! I think I will take my own advice, give myself a good old kick in the butt and get busy on at least one thing on my list of to do’s….. Add Me On Facebook


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