Looking For A Pencil and Finding An Artist

Today I couldn’t find a pencil; I have a pen and pencil holder on my desk and a stash in my top desk drawer, which is high enough to discourage little sticky fingers. But today I couldn’t find one single pencil. I needed it to draw out the peacock shape of my newest painting.


When I couldn’t find a pencil at my desk I looked around the house. Would you believe not one single pencil in sight?!! So I marched straight to my youngest daughters room and on her desk, in her holder, are all my pencils. Except some have been painted with nail polish, some have bite marks and most just break off with every sharpening. What caused me pause though was all the little creative and artistic drawings everywhere, I couldn’t bring myself to take back all the pencils so I choose just one and vowed to hide it until it is sharpened down to a nub. Her artistic efforts brought a smile to my face today and I needed that more then I needed a pencil.



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