Featured Artist and Writer Teena Stewart

I have always been super passionate about art in any form. Not just my own creations but I love to view other artists as well. My own walls are filled with art from artists local to me and around the world. I am a firm believer in karma and paying it forward so I’ve decided to dedicate my blog posts a few times a week to introducing artists that I admire. Teena is todays pick, I first fell in love with her recycled art glass work. Let me start by introducing her:



Teena Stewart is an artist and published writer who manages two online handmade businesses.  Serendipitini incorporates creative reuse and recycling into handmade gifts.


Items include hanging wine bottle candles, table top wine bottle candles, recycled glass chip china mirrors, unique sun catchers, jewelry and more. She also has a line of pet products, Serendipitini Pet, which include pet silhouette necklaces and ceramic tile hand stamped pet coasters.


Teena says, “For as long as I can remember I have been bitten with the creative bug. Whenever I create, I feel a special connection to the divine creator.   I find a spiritual message in turning something that might otherwise be considered trash into something beautiful and useful. I think this is what God does for us if we allow him to work in our lives.”

Her Serendipitni blog http://serendipitini.blogspot.com/ provides links to all her creative work including her blog and Facebook Fan page and Etsy shops. Be sure to sign up for her monthly ezine which includes creative tips, discounts and giveaways. This month she’s giving away a pair of handmade howlite turquoise and recycled earrings.



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