An Artists Over Active Imagination And Nighttime Fears

It’s really hot here today, plus 40 with the humidity and as a Canadian I am just not used to this kind of heat. All the fans in the house can’t seem to cool me off and at night I lie awake until I finally give up and come work on the computer. At least it’s quiet, my kids aren’t asking for a snack or Popsicle every five minutes. And when I’m lucky a small breeze will carry through the window, causing shivers.

Last night, around 2am as I sat adding new listings to one of my sites I could hear this heart wrenching low scream. At least that’s how it sounded in the dead of night, like someone was tearing their heart out and offering it to the gods. My hair stood on end and I realized the only light I had on was my computer screen. Have you ever tried looking into the darkness after gazing into a bright light? As my eyes adjusted I could see shadows lurking everywhere and the low growls and distant screaming seeping in through my open windows. It spooked me; I all but ran to my room, dove under the covers as close to my husband’s sweaty body as I could get and made myself invisible. Remember the “if I can’t see them, they can’t see me” mentality when you were a kid? It still works sometimes. Turns out though, the screaming type sounds I was hearing, coyotes in the farm field and my over active imagination. Oh and maybe I could blame it on the heat….



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