Delightfully Spooky – An Abstract Portrait Painting

I love the Halloween season, I always find myself inspired to create something spooky, an abstract portrait painting that will give one chills, with eyes that follow you from one side of the room to the other. Like in the Scooby Doo episodes from my childhood; there would always be that one painting on the wall that watched the gang with haunting eyes that followed their every move. As a kid I was always delightfully creeped out by that. So I sat down to this painting yesterday and really enjoyed myself. It was done completely with my fingers and fingernails which gave it a loose and painterly style that I like and I think aided in making sure the painting didn’t come out too ‘pretty’; even with all the purple and pink. I think I now have a new favourite because something about her haunts me, delightfully.



Zombie In A Pink Dress: 12×26 inches for $340.00 Shipping included to Canada and the continental US

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