Easter Barf Fest, Broken Water Pipes and Art On Hold

So Easter is now past us, thank god for that! We all ate way too much chocolate, six weeks of no processed foods, dairy or sugar and we went a little crazy in the “let’s have a treat” department. I’ve noticed now that too much sugar makes us all grumpy, too much processed foods or dairy and we have stomach aches, headaches, and an all around crappy feeling. To make matters worse one of our water pipes is broken, and of course it being non stop rain it’s a slow going fix to the water issue. Plus one of my kids had the “chocolate” flu. Projectile vomit is extra gross when you don’t have water handy to clean it up. Trying to collect rain water in buckets to clean it all up wasn’t exactly my idea of a good time! Thank god for concentrated cleaning products.


See I had all these plans to paint new artwork this weekend, all these great ideas, I was in the mood for color and texture. For now my art is on hold while I wait for the water to come back on and sick kids to get back to school. The above painting Titled “Lost” I thought was the perfect reflection of how I felt this long weekend!



I Survived The Winter! Added A New Family Member and Started A Weight Loss Journey

I survived the long winter, record cold temperatures, being smoked out by the wood stove and record snow fall which caused me in the end to give up completely on shovelling, much to the distress of anyone climbing our snowbank to get to our front door (what a rebel I am). And no, when I say new family member I am not talking about a new baby, but a puppy, which is reminding me very much of the toddler years with my kids. I’m getting up in the middle of the night for potty breaks and tiptoeing around a sleeping puppy so I don’t wake him while I’m trying in vain to get things done.  Meet Bosco, the boxer puppy Image

Yes, that is him, sleeping in our bed, I know, I know, we will never get rid of him and he will get much bigger! Tell that to my husband, as you can see he loves the cuddles….. I personally have developed a bit of a love/hate relationship with the puppy, picking up poop and waking in the middle of the night to paws in my neck and his hot kitty litter breath in my face. When my back is turned he sneaks over to the kitty litter and scoops out a poop to hide for later consumption, GROSS. I joke about the love/hate thing, it’s pure hate, haha, no, I love him but he’s keeping me very busy just when I’m also busy reinventing my online art presence. Here is my shiny new website. There is still lots to do with all that but it’s a darn good start!

As for my weight loss journey, well this is a whole family effort but we cut out all processed foods, sugar, dairy and red meat from our diet. It’s been a tough six weeks so far but we are surviving and finding new food favourites. Everyone has slimmed down a little and feels just so much better!