Work In Progress, The Too Large Painting and My Lack Of Space



This painting is huge, it’s been a struggle to work with because my work table isn’t big enough to support the whole canvas. I want to start doing quite a few oversize paintings so I decided to figure out an alternative. I took my canvas outside and nailed it to the shed in the side yard. The downside to this is the effort involved in lugging everything out, plus it rained while I was out there. Luckily the painting was protected by the roof of the shed but I got soaked. I know I need to find an alternative to this procedure because it won’t work in the winter. I need a large wall and floor surface that can withstand paint splatters, drips and stains. My dream you ask, well that would be to open up the attic and refinish it to accommodate only a studio. Here’s a few pictures of attic art studios that have me drooling. 


Image   Image  

As for the painting itself, well I’m not quite finished with it, there are still some areas I want to work on. When it’s finished it will be for sale exclusively here.


4 thoughts on “Work In Progress, The Too Large Painting and My Lack Of Space

  1. I hear you regarding space for those oversized creations! Sometimes I wish I could just empty the garage and set up shop there. But, I don’t think that the boyfriend would be too happy with his car and all his tools in the driveway. Love the pictures you picked for an attic studio; these spaces look amazing.

    Can’t wait to see the final product for the painting!

    • Thanks Caroline! If we had a garage I would absolutely do that! (you could always tarp the car and tools) hahaha I live in a renovated old red brick school house circa 1878, so I know the attic could be such a cool spot. Right now I use a loft area that overlooks the front entrance but it’s such a nice spot I’m hesitant to get it too messy. Yesterday I was painting, then mopping the floor, then painting, then mopping. hahaha I wanted a drip effect but the drips have to go somewhere…..

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