Happy Mother’s Day To The Mom I Strive To Be

Today is Mother’s Day. Today I am celebrated by my children and today I celebrate the woman that made me the person, the mother, the artist I am today; my mom. I’ve always felt very lucky, as far back as I can remember I felt so very lucky to be raised by the woman I call Mom. 

All day today as I celebrated Mother’s Day with my kids I thought about my own mom, she was never far from my mind and I realized this is how I spend everyday. She is always close in my thoughts, when I’m feeling down I don’t even need to talk to her in person, I just need to think about her and I feel loved and supported. I think even when I was very little I understood that my mom was and always will be my very best friend in the whole world. I have laughed the hardest with her, she has held me when I’ve cried, held me through the toughest times in my life and in doing so has given me the strength to carry on. When I accomplish something that makes me feel proud it is my mom I first want to tell, she has always nourished my creativity and supported my dreams. I know if it hadn’t been for my mom, my wonderful, beautiful, supportive mom, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. My greatest wish is that I can be at least half the mother she is then I will have raised kids that know what it’s like to be truly and completely loved.

Thank you mom, for raising me, for supporting me, for allowing me to thrive in a creative and artistic world, you have set the bar high and everyday I strive to be just like you. Happy Mother’s Day!!Image


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