Thunderstorms, Daily Life Battles and An Owl Painting

Today it is pouring rain, there is a severe thunderstorm watch in effect, the skies are dark and dreary; the air feels heavy, ominous.

Today is a day for battening down the hatches, curling up in a snug blanket while waiting for the storm to pass.

I feel like this is my life as of late, always waiting for the storm to pass. During these storms, these daily battles I use painting as my comforting blanket, my solace.

Here is an owl painting that was constructed while I worried endlessly about my life;Abstract owl painting by Laura Carter it brought me calm and chipped away at my feelings of helplessness. I painted this owl on a highly textured background; I fought the paint against the bumpy road of the surface, like I am fighting against the bumpy road of my current state of affairs.

Today it is pouring rain, it is dark and dreary, thankfully, tomorrow’s forecast calls for sun and warmth and I say bring it on, it’s about time!

This painting will be available here in the coming week.


Tree Silhouette Paintings, My New Favourite

My new favourite style of painting is these tree paintings, I love the black brown against the abstract background. The background has details scratched into it while the paint is still wet. I want to do many more and make a larger series of them with all different coloured backgrounds. I think the next one I will do will have a more turquoise, aqua colouring. I think that would look spectacular with the intricate tree branches and tiny details.




Tree Silhouette Painting 24×24 inches for $550.00, shipping included to Canada and the Continental US, everywhere else send me a message for a shipping quote.

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Black and White Tree Sihouette Painting 24×24 inches $550.00, shipping included to Canada and the Continental US, everywhere else send me a message for a shipping quote.Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

The Story Teller – Original Portrait Painting For Sale

This painting has been a personal favourite of mine, I have displayed her proudly while trying to decide if I wanted to put her up for sale or not. I painted this portrait painting during a difficult time in my life so while her expression is a little on the sad side I also see wisdom and hope in her eyes. Today I have decided it is time to put her up for sale with the rest of my artwork. She has some textures, and a thin white wash over top of the rich red and brown tones. She will soon be available for sale exclusively here.





Painting Sadness and Finding Beauty

I’m most inspired by people, especially faces. I find beauty in sadness so a lot of my art can be emotionally packed. There is something so beautiful and strong about a sad or lonely expression, I always feel very moved by it.


Image  Image


I also love texture and find beauty in aging brick, stonewalls with rust drips, rusted old iron and copper. A dilapidated building will bring me more inspiration then a flower garden or sun filled day. I find beauty and inspiration where others might see aging, sadness and loneliness, neglect or decay.




Happy Mother’s Day To The Mom I Strive To Be

Today is Mother’s Day. Today I am celebrated by my children and today I celebrate the woman that made me the person, the mother, the artist I am today; my mom. I’ve always felt very lucky, as far back as I can remember I felt so very lucky to be raised by the woman I call Mom. 

All day today as I celebrated Mother’s Day with my kids I thought about my own mom, she was never far from my mind and I realized this is how I spend everyday. She is always close in my thoughts, when I’m feeling down I don’t even need to talk to her in person, I just need to think about her and I feel loved and supported. I think even when I was very little I understood that my mom was and always will be my very best friend in the whole world. I have laughed the hardest with her, she has held me when I’ve cried, held me through the toughest times in my life and in doing so has given me the strength to carry on. When I accomplish something that makes me feel proud it is my mom I first want to tell, she has always nourished my creativity and supported my dreams. I know if it hadn’t been for my mom, my wonderful, beautiful, supportive mom, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. My greatest wish is that I can be at least half the mother she is then I will have raised kids that know what it’s like to be truly and completely loved.

Thank you mom, for raising me, for supporting me, for allowing me to thrive in a creative and artistic world, you have set the bar high and everyday I strive to be just like you. Happy Mother’s Day!!Image

Work In Progress, The Too Large Painting and My Lack Of Space



This painting is huge, it’s been a struggle to work with because my work table isn’t big enough to support the whole canvas. I want to start doing quite a few oversize paintings so I decided to figure out an alternative. I took my canvas outside and nailed it to the shed in the side yard. The downside to this is the effort involved in lugging everything out, plus it rained while I was out there. Luckily the painting was protected by the roof of the shed but I got soaked. I know I need to find an alternative to this procedure because it won’t work in the winter. I need a large wall and floor surface that can withstand paint splatters, drips and stains. My dream you ask, well that would be to open up the attic and refinish it to accommodate only a studio. Here’s a few pictures of attic art studios that have me drooling. 


Image   Image  

As for the painting itself, well I’m not quite finished with it, there are still some areas I want to work on. When it’s finished it will be for sale exclusively here.

I Survived The Winter! Added A New Family Member and Started A Weight Loss Journey

I survived the long winter, record cold temperatures, being smoked out by the wood stove and record snow fall which caused me in the end to give up completely on shovelling, much to the distress of anyone climbing our snowbank to get to our front door (what a rebel I am). And no, when I say new family member I am not talking about a new baby, but a puppy, which is reminding me very much of the toddler years with my kids. I’m getting up in the middle of the night for potty breaks and tiptoeing around a sleeping puppy so I don’t wake him while I’m trying in vain to get things done.  Meet Bosco, the boxer puppy Image

Yes, that is him, sleeping in our bed, I know, I know, we will never get rid of him and he will get much bigger! Tell that to my husband, as you can see he loves the cuddles….. I personally have developed a bit of a love/hate relationship with the puppy, picking up poop and waking in the middle of the night to paws in my neck and his hot kitty litter breath in my face. When my back is turned he sneaks over to the kitty litter and scoops out a poop to hide for later consumption, GROSS. I joke about the love/hate thing, it’s pure hate, haha, no, I love him but he’s keeping me very busy just when I’m also busy reinventing my online art presence. Here is my shiny new website. There is still lots to do with all that but it’s a darn good start!

As for my weight loss journey, well this is a whole family effort but we cut out all processed foods, sugar, dairy and red meat from our diet. It’s been a tough six weeks so far but we are surviving and finding new food favourites. Everyone has slimmed down a little and feels just so much better!