Newest Paintings and Work In Progress

My two newest paintings have just been listed on the site Ugallery. One is a landscape painting with some texture the other is a limited color palette figure painting. I enjoyed painting the figure one the most. I wasn’t sure where I was going with it at first but found myself loving the bright yellow (a colour that is not often one I choose). I had intended to paint something multi coloured that day but the yellow appealed to me so much I stuck with it. I titled this one “Hope and Flowers” and it is available here


Yesterday I started another figure painting and fell in love with the white background and chalky look of it. I’m still playing around with this one but have pretty much decided to leave the white intact, I find it has a very feminine and airy look to it. I’m almost certain I will title this one “After The Anger”



Proud To Be A New Artist At UGallery, A Curated Online Gallery

In August, after much work and anticipation I was accepted to be one of approximately 500 artists represented by UGallery which is a curated online gallery. Currently I have eight pieces showcased on their site and any of my art that is for sale there will be exclusive to Ugallery and will not be offered for sale anywhere else. It is a big accomplishment for me as only 10% of artists that apply get accepted. So I am super excited to be a part of this diverse group of artists and to have been featured on their blog.

Here are a few of my pieces that are for sale at Ugallery



Ambition 24×40 inches



Red Rooftops 20×48 inches



Blackbird 24×36 inches



Zombie In A Pink Dress 12×26 inches

Tree Silhouette Paintings, My New Favourite

My new favourite style of painting is these tree paintings, I love the black brown against the abstract background. The background has details scratched into it while the paint is still wet. I want to do many more and make a larger series of them with all different coloured backgrounds. I think the next one I will do will have a more turquoise, aqua colouring. I think that would look spectacular with the intricate tree branches and tiny details.




Tree Silhouette Painting 24×24 inches for $550.00, shipping included to Canada and the Continental US, everywhere else send me a message for a shipping quote.

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Black and White Tree Sihouette Painting 24×24 inches $550.00, shipping included to Canada and the Continental US, everywhere else send me a message for a shipping quote.Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

The Story Teller – Original Portrait Painting For Sale

This painting has been a personal favourite of mine, I have displayed her proudly while trying to decide if I wanted to put her up for sale or not. I painted this portrait painting during a difficult time in my life so while her expression is a little on the sad side I also see wisdom and hope in her eyes. Today I have decided it is time to put her up for sale with the rest of my artwork. She has some textures, and a thin white wash over top of the rich red and brown tones. She will soon be available for sale exclusively here.





Easter Barf Fest, Broken Water Pipes and Art On Hold

So Easter is now past us, thank god for that! We all ate way too much chocolate, six weeks of no processed foods, dairy or sugar and we went a little crazy in the “let’s have a treat” department. I’ve noticed now that too much sugar makes us all grumpy, too much processed foods or dairy and we have stomach aches, headaches, and an all around crappy feeling. To make matters worse one of our water pipes is broken, and of course it being non stop rain it’s a slow going fix to the water issue. Plus one of my kids had the “chocolate” flu. Projectile vomit is extra gross when you don’t have water handy to clean it up. Trying to collect rain water in buckets to clean it all up wasn’t exactly my idea of a good time! Thank god for concentrated cleaning products.


See I had all these plans to paint new artwork this weekend, all these great ideas, I was in the mood for color and texture. For now my art is on hold while I wait for the water to come back on and sick kids to get back to school. The above painting Titled “Lost” I thought was the perfect reflection of how I felt this long weekend!


I’m In An Abstract Mood, A Colorful, Lively Abstract Mood

I’ve been in an abstract mood lately, a colorful, lively abstract mood. Kind of like all my thoughts and feelings are merging together with blurred lines and scribbled shapes. I’m feeling blue, then seeing red, shades of pink delight me while turquoise glimmers in the light. I can’t keep myself within any set boundaries and seem to want to push the limits with explosive color and movement. I’m in an abstract mood lately, a colorful, lively abstract mood and the only thing to do now is paint.



Patchwork 12″x22″ $340.00 USD, shipping included to Canada and the continental US, everywhere else message below for a shipping quote.

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Patchwork II 30″x30″ $580.00 USD, shipping included to Canada and the continental US, everywhere else message below for a shipping quote.


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A Kids Halloween Party, A Terrifying Haunted House = Traumatized Kids And A Happy Halloween

Last weekend we had our youngest daughter Isabelle’s birthday party with her school friends. It was a little late coming, as her actual birthday was September 27th, but better late then never.

We decided to do a Halloween theme to also celebrate the upcoming season that is a favourite in our house. I have to say it was quite the challenge planning a Halloween party that would last no longer then two hours, keep 16 kids between the ages of 6-10 happy without scaring the crap out of them.

We decided we would play a few games, have a haunted house and do a palm reading session; palm reading courtesy of our 16-year-old daughter. The party was a huge hit.

The haunted house was down a wide back hallway that has a window bench and flanking bookshelves.  We had a coffin on the window bench with my oldest daughters friend hidden inside adorned in a scary mask and vampire collar. On the opposite side of the hall, hidden just behind our bedroom door was my husband complete with black mask. He was holding an industrial air compressor to shoot the kids with blasts of air and of course the occasional leg grab.

We managed to design this haunted house with no light leaks and had a fog machine running while a strobe light which featured thunder sounds sent off beats of flashing light, not unlike streaks of lightening.

Waiting in an excited line the kids went in batches of two or three with my daughter as their guide. I was the line police. By the end of this charade the kids were pushing, screaming, falling over themselves and each other to get another turn. Four of them were too scared to go, one went anyway, and two others broke down in tears while one poor girl developed a nervous bellyache. In the end it was chaos and terror and better then any fun house at the fair.


Isabelle in her black party dress playing with her friends, the entrance to the Haunted House is behind the bloody hand curtain.


The front entrance and stairwell with a zombie baby caught up in cobwebs.


The front entrance adorned with spooky creatures and lots of spider webs.


The fortuneteller’s table, luckily everyone at this party was foretold they would live a long and happy life.

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