My Story, My Life Path, An Artist And Proud Of It

We all have a story, what brings us to choose our path। Was it a conscious decision or something more subtle? I went through some rough times and with the heartaches I found myself itching to break free and define myself. I’ve had a retail business, it felt like me, like my life path in the years I was there. When it didn’t feel like me anymore, when it drained me instead of sustaining me I moved on. Now I’m here, I’m doing what years ago would have been the impossible. I’m doing what I dreamed of when I got my first compliment in an art class in high school. What drove me while I sat through art history and still life study in college and dreamed; could I one day call myself an artist? It happened slowly, painting and hiding the results. Painting and showing my kids, then my spouse until one day I had the confidence to hang a few where friends and family would see. OH MY, what a step! I used a site called deviant art to post work and get some feedback. It was so hard at first to put myself out there but it helped shape my talent and my self confidence. I was shy to approach actually listing my art for sale. I will never forget the experience of seeing my first item sell, to a total stranger, in a different country. What bliss!! Now I am out there, I’ve defined myself, I’m an artist and I’m proud of it. My Art For Sale