Work In Progress, The Too Large Painting and My Lack Of Space



This painting is huge, it’s been a struggle to work with because my work table isn’t big enough to support the whole canvas. I want to start doing quite a few oversize paintings so I decided to figure out an alternative. I took my canvas outside and nailed it to the shed in the side yard. The downside to this is the effort involved in lugging everything out, plus it rained while I was out there. Luckily the painting was protected by the roof of the shed but I got soaked. I know I need to find an alternative to this procedure because it won’t work in the winter. I need a large wall and floor surface that can withstand paint splatters, drips and stains. My dream you ask, well that would be to open up the attic and refinish it to accommodate only a studio. Here’s a few pictures of attic art studios that have me drooling. 


Image   Image  

As for the painting itself, well I’m not quite finished with it, there are still some areas I want to work on. When it’s finished it will be for sale exclusively here.


Easter Barf Fest, Broken Water Pipes and Art On Hold

So Easter is now past us, thank god for that! We all ate way too much chocolate, six weeks of no processed foods, dairy or sugar and we went a little crazy in the “let’s have a treat” department. I’ve noticed now that too much sugar makes us all grumpy, too much processed foods or dairy and we have stomach aches, headaches, and an all around crappy feeling. To make matters worse one of our water pipes is broken, and of course it being non stop rain it’s a slow going fix to the water issue. Plus one of my kids had the “chocolate” flu. Projectile vomit is extra gross when you don’t have water handy to clean it up. Trying to collect rain water in buckets to clean it all up wasn’t exactly my idea of a good time! Thank god for concentrated cleaning products.


See I had all these plans to paint new artwork this weekend, all these great ideas, I was in the mood for color and texture. For now my art is on hold while I wait for the water to come back on and sick kids to get back to school. The above painting Titled “Lost” I thought was the perfect reflection of how I felt this long weekend!


My Artwork – Paintings and Prints Available For Sale

Lightening Bolt 16x48 Original Painting on Canvas by Laura Carter

Lightening Bolt 16×48 Original Painting on Canvas by Laura Carter     

Sunset Landscape Original Painting on Canvas by Laura Carter

Sunset Landscape
Original Painting on Canvas by Laura Carter

Tree Silhouette Painting Art Print by Laura Carter

Tree Silhouette Painting
Art Print by Laura Carter

Gothic Portrait Painting Original Painting on Canvas by Laura Carter

Gothic Portrait Painting
Original Painting on Canvas by Laura Carter

An Artists Over Active Imagination And Nighttime Fears

It’s really hot here today, plus 40 with the humidity and as a Canadian I am just not used to this kind of heat. All the fans in the house can’t seem to cool me off and at night I lie awake until I finally give up and come work on the computer. At least it’s quiet, my kids aren’t asking for a snack or Popsicle every five minutes. And when I’m lucky a small breeze will carry through the window, causing shivers.

Last night, around 2am as I sat adding new listings to one of my sites I could hear this heart wrenching low scream. At least that’s how it sounded in the dead of night, like someone was tearing their heart out and offering it to the gods. My hair stood on end and I realized the only light I had on was my computer screen. Have you ever tried looking into the darkness after gazing into a bright light? As my eyes adjusted I could see shadows lurking everywhere and the low growls and distant screaming seeping in through my open windows. It spooked me; I all but ran to my room, dove under the covers as close to my husband’s sweaty body as I could get and made myself invisible. Remember the “if I can’t see them, they can’t see me” mentality when you were a kid? It still works sometimes. Turns out though, the screaming type sounds I was hearing, coyotes in the farm field and my over active imagination. Oh and maybe I could blame it on the heat….


She Watches In The Dead Of Night – A Visual Story

She watches in the dead of night, like an owl, her eyes sharp with intent. She watches so she can learn, the truth, the ugliness of it. She is freeing herself while keeping watch, she is freeing herself of the burden, of the lies, of the fear. She dares not to blink, while her eyes adjust, to the painful truth, she dares not to breath, as her breath hangs heavy in the night air. She whispers goodbye, to deaf ears, to empty hearts, she whispers goodbye and finally, lets go. Tonight she holds no regrets, no fears, only hope for now she must tread lightly towards dawn’s breaking light, again alone.


Kid’s Art, Messiness and A Beautiful I Love You

My youngest daughter loves all things art. If I turn my back for too long she will scam my paintbrushes, pencils, markers, and paper, anything she can get her little fingers on. One day I was really busy with commissions and packaging, I left my paints out on the table to be put away later. She decided to help herself and took a little piece of canvas I had laying there and made a painting. A six-year-old painting can be quite a mess as I am sure you can imagine. She had paint on the floor, the table, the tea towel from the kitchen (in her misguided attempt to clean it all up) the paintbrushes tossed aside, paint tubes knocked over and dripping. So basically a complete disaster. When I came across this I just about lost my mind, as I went to call her down from her room to ask her what she was thinking getting into my stuff, (there have been enough warnings over the years) I saw a white envelope sitting on my desk. Inside the envelope I found this painting. 


Featured Artist – Sharon Cummings – An Artists Interview

Today’s featured artist, Sharon Cummings is an artist I have known through social media and some selling sites for quite a few years now. I’ve always admired her amazing work and her ability to market herself. It’s inspiring to see an artist do so well and still make the time to help others. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.



Here is an interview with Sharon about her and her art.


Have you always been an artist?


I have always been an artist. But I have only been creating professionally for a little over 10 years.

Image Image  Image 


Who or what inspires your art the most?


I am not the type of artist that looks at other art to get inspired typically. I seem to just have a zillion ideas going on in my head all of the time. My paintings must be inspired by an accumulation of life scenery. My photography and photo painting is inspired by what I see.


Image  Image  Image 

Do you have a studio space in your home, outside of your home or maybe a shared space with other artists? Tell us a little about your workspace.


I have a dedicated room in my home that acts as my studio. It isn’t very large, so when I paint the huge pieces over 6 feet long, I use my garage which is outfitted with a large table, lights and air conditioning.


 Image    Image     Image

Is your family supportive or your art and your career choice as an artist?


I have had a lot of support from my family and friends with my art. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I am successful and not the “starving artist” type mooching money and food off of them all of the time.


 Image  Image  Image

What obstacles have you faced in your career and how did you overcome them?


There are many obstacles to my career choice. But one of the hardest for me is the “isolation”. I work from home and am alone most of the time. I do not have coworkers to cut up with or go out to lunch with. It can get very lonely. I still struggle with this. But try to get out with friends as much as I can.


Image  Image  Image 

How do you find balance between your work and your family?


In order to achieve a balance with my work and family life I have to mark off of time for both and stick to those fiercely!


 Image  Image  Image

Do you have a favorite artist and if so who?


Everyone always asks me if I have a favorite artist….I am not good with favorites…I like so many, so I will choose my daughter. I believe her to have far more talent than I do!


Image  Image  Image



If you were to give an aspiring artist three pieces of advice what would they be?


My advice to artists who wish to succeed with their work is to expect to invest a lot of time creating (make something every day!) and also to expect to spend some money…invest in yourself by getting on pay sites, buying the right camera, etc. Dont skimp! And lastly it is to believe in yourself no matter how grim it looks…sales wax and wane…just keep on believing…


Image  Image  Image

You can find Sharon on Fine Art America, Etsy, her blog and her facebook page as well as many other places on the internet.