Sunshine, Flowers and Screaming Kids At Play – A Typical Sunny Day

Finally the sun is out, after days of gloomy clouds, relentless rain and winds that hissed in protest; finally we have sun. I see blue skies and colorful flowers in bloom, my cat lying on the porch basking or baking in the sun and in the distance, piercing through this peaceful, glorious day is the unfortunate shrieking of my kids as they play. They sound as if they are being attacked, like a mangled dog has bared it’s teeth and is now chasing them through thorn bushes, snapping at their heals. They sound like they could raise the dead with their shrieks of horror. What game could cause this much mayhem you ask? They are playing a game of tag. OH and add in the fly that landed on my youngest daughter causing her to practically lose her lungs, screaming from the sheer horror of it. Oh what a peaceful day‚Ķ..