Thunderstorms, Daily Life Battles and An Owl Painting

Today it is pouring rain, there is a severe thunderstorm watch in effect, the skies are dark and dreary; the air feels heavy, ominous.

Today is a day for battening down the hatches, curling up in a snug blanket while waiting for the storm to pass.

I feel like this is my life as of late, always waiting for the storm to pass. During these storms, these daily battles I use painting as my comforting blanket, my solace.

Here is an owl painting that was constructed while I worried endlessly about my life;Abstract owl painting by Laura Carter it brought me calm and chipped away at my feelings of helplessness. I painted this owl on a highly textured background; I fought the paint against the bumpy road of the surface, like I am fighting against the bumpy road of my current state of affairs.

Today it is pouring rain, it is dark and dreary, thankfully, tomorrow’s forecast calls for sun and warmth and I say bring it on, it’s about time!

This painting will be available here in the coming week.


God And The Weather And A Cool Thunderstorm Painting

We were supposed to have a sunny day today; instead it’s wet and damp and cloudy, gloomy and grey. I want to protest but I’m not sure whom I’m supposed to protest too, the weather network for lying to me, mother nature for this relentless rain, God even (if you’re a believer, not sure if I am, still on the fence here since realistically it seems a lot like believing in Santa Claus, but man do I want to be a believer, sure would make life easier, and then I could complain to him, about the weather and of course all the awful things happening in the world today).

You see I was going to spend my day outside painting, cheerfully soaking up the rays, but instead I will sit on my computer, ramble on about nothing on my blog and share my thunderstorm painting. Seems fitting, suits my mood.